Da Mbeadh Mac an Mhaoir Agam

DESCRIPTION: Gaelic. The singer wishes he had the shepherd's pet snowy lamb. He wishes he had a herd of cows "and Mollie from her mother." Chorus: he wishes he had his girl, her mother's pet.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1952 (OCroinin/Cronin-TheSongsOfElizabethCronin)
KEYWORDS: foreignlanguage marriage work animal
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (1 citation):
OCroinin/Cronin-TheSongsOfElizabethCronin 46, "Da Mbeadh Mac an Mhaoir Agam" (2 texts)
NOTES [77 words]: The description is a summary of the translation at George Sigerson, Bards of the Gael and Gall (London: T Fisher-Unwin, 1897), pp. 337-338, "The Shepherd's Pet." OCroinin/Cronin-TheSongsOfElizabethCronin, which has no English summary for this song: "Sigerson's English text is eclectic"; on the other hand it is not far from the translation under the title "Peata Beag" at http://www.celticlyricscorner.net/dervish/peata.htm on the Celtic Lyrics Corner site. - BS
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File: OCC046

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