Coupon Song, The

DESCRIPTION: "You get good things for nothing" for coupons now. Singer got his "good for nothing" wife, and is saving coupons for a divorce, a car, and a baby. His wife must have found out about his baby plan because she is making baby clothes.
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: marriage pregnancy commerce humorous nonballad wordplay baby wife
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
Mrs. Ghaney, "The Coupon Song" (on MUNFLA-Leach)
Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys, "The Coupon Song" (1941, Bluebird B 8893, 2003, "Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys 1940-1946," JSP Records CD JSP7712C)

NOTES [38 words]: Coupons have been used since the late 19c as a marketing promotional tool offering a product at a discounted price. The singer's implicit question is whether there is anything that can't be bought with coupons at a discount. - BS
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File: MunLCoup

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