Fireball MacNamara's Address to his Pistols

DESCRIPTION: MacNamara talks to his pistols on the morning of a battle. He tells how he will kill foes. He fought at Vinegar Hill. Steel, not words, will "drive foreign foes from the land" "One eloquent blow ... Would gain you more glory than ages of speech"
AUTHOR: Michael Hogan (source: Moylan)
EARLIEST DATE: 1880 (Hogan's _Lays and Legends of Thomond_, according to Moylan)
KEYWORDS: battle rebellion nonballad patriotic
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Moylan 128, "Fireball MacNamara's Address to his Pistols" (1 text, 1 tune)
NOTES: Moylan: "John 'Fireball' MacNamara ... was a noted duellist and adventurer. He was reputed to have taken part, incognito, in the battle of Vinegar Hill [June 21, 1798; see, for example, the references for 'Boulavogue'], and he seconded Daniel O'Connell during the latter's duel with D'Esterre in 1815 [see references for 'Kerry Eagle']." - BS
File: Moyl128

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