Rebellion of 1798, The

DESCRIPTION: Rebel exploits, poisonings and massacres are recounted, from Lord Edward Fitzgerald to Father Murphy, and their defeat at each turn by yeomen and Orangemen, in Kildare, Antrim, Ballynahinch, Wexford and Kilkenny. "Down, down, croppies lie down"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1798 (_Falkener's Dublin Journal_, according to Moylan)
KEYWORDS: rebellion battle death patriotic
1798 - Irish rebellion against British rule (source: "1798 - Calendar of Events" at IrelandOn-Line site)
May 19, 1798 - Lord Edward Fitzgerald arrested
June 2-3, 1798 - Rebel defeat at Kilcock, Co. Kildare
June 7, 1798 - Rebel defeat at Antrim
June 13, 1798 - United Irishmen under Henry Monro defeated at Ballynahinch
June 21, 1798 - Government recaptures Wexford
July 2, 1798 - Father Murphy (1753-1798) captured, executed, and cremated.
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Moylan 50, "The Rebellion of 1798" (1 text)
NOTES [76 words]: It may not be clear from my description that this ballad is against the rebellion. The tag line of each verse is the chorus of the Orange song "Croppies Lie Down." - BS
It sounds to me as if this might be a sort of an answer to "Croppies Lie Down (II)."
For the career of Edward Fitzgerald, see the notes to "Edward (III) (Edward Fitzgerald)." For Ballynahinch and Henry Monro(e) see "General Monroe." For Father Murphy, see especially "Father Murphy (I)."
File: Moyl050

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