Shamrock Cockade, The

DESCRIPTION: "St Patrick he is Ireland's Saint And we're his Volunteers." We are ready to fight the French, if they invade. The Cork Volunteer societies are named: Union, True Blue, Boyne, Aughrim, Enniskillen and Blackpool.
AUTHOR: John Sheares? (see Croker-PopularSongs note)
EARLIEST DATE: 1780 (_The Cork Remembrancer_, according to Moylan)
KEYWORDS: France Ireland nonballad patriotic soldier
FOUND IN: Ireland
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Moylan 3, "The Shamrock Cockade" (1 text, 1 tune)
Croker-PopularSongs, pp. 42-46, "The Shamrock Cockade" (1 text)

cf. "The Green Cockade" (subject of the 1782 Volunteers)
cf. "The Song of the Volunteers" (subject of the 1782 Volunteers)
cf. "Ally Croker" (tune, according to Croker-PopularSongs)
NOTES [228 words]: Moylan p. 1: "On St Patrick's Day, 1778, the first company of Belfast Volunteers was formed in response to the danger of a possible war between Britain and France. [According to Peter and Fiona Somerset Fry, A History of Ireland, p. 186, the year was 1777, though few other companies formed until 1778.] The movement spread like wildfire and soon there were companies in all parts of Ireland."
Croker-PopularSongs: "Fitzgerald thus chronicles the matter in his 'Cork Remembrancer:'--'1780, March 17. The armed societies of this city paraded on the Mall with shamrock cockades, and fired three volleys in honour of the day."
Croker-PopularSongs has the text "from a manuscript copy in the autograph of Mr John Shears [executed in Dublin for high treason in 1798]" sung at the 1780 dinner. - BS
For more on the Volunteers and their effect on Anglo-Irish relations, see the notes to "The Song of the Volunteers." The reference to Saint Patrick may seem a little strange from a pro-British force, but many of the Volunteers were Catholic though the majority were Protestants. It should be remembered that the Volunteers helped encourage the formation of the independent Irish parliament -- and, since they were granted that parliament, they were relatively pro-British.
For John Sheares (the usual spelling), see the notes to "The Brothers John and Henry Sheares." - RBW
File: Moyl003

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