Sugar in the Gourd (Bacon in the Smokehouse)

DESCRIPTION: "Bacon in the smokehouse, barrel full of lard, Milk in the dairy, butter on the board, Coffee in the little bag, sugar in the gourd, And the way to git it out is to dash the goard about."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1924 (recording, Fiddlin' John Carson)
KEYWORDS: food dancing nonballad
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Morris, #137, "Bacon in the Smokehouse" (1 short text, 1 tune)
Roud #5051 and 17580
Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers, "Sugar in the Gourd" (Columbia 15612-D, 1930)
NOTES [47 words]: Roud splits Morris's "Bacon in the Smokehouse" from "Sugar in the Gourd," but all the texts involved are short, and the form appears the same; I'm lumping them until someone turns up another "Bacon in the Smokehouse" version. "Bacon" is Roud #5051; "Sugar in the Gourd," #17590. - RBW
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File: Morr137

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