Answer to Twenty-One Years

DESCRIPTION: "She wrote him this letter all covered with tears, And this was her answer to 'Twenty-One Years.'" The girl says she has been sick for love of the convict. She begs the governor for help. She promises to wait the twenty-one years
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1935 (collected from Lucile Morris by Randolph)
KEYWORDS: derivative love separation
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Randolph 168, "Twenty-One Years" (4 texts plus an excerpt, 1 tune, with the "C" text being this)
Morris, #30, "TwentyOne Years" (1 text, 1 tune, plus the "Answer")

Roud #4997
[N.B. some of the following recordings could be different "answers"]
\Gene Autry & Jimmy Long, "Answer to 21 Years" (Banner 32761/Melotone M12931/Oriole 8308/Romeo 5308/Perfect 12910/Conqueror 8092, 1933; Vocalion 5497, n.d.)
Don Hall Trio, "Answer to Twenty-One Years" (Victor 23782/Bluebird B-5004 [as the Rose Family], 1933)
Log Cabin Boys, "Answer to 21 Years" (Decca 5035, 1934)
Jimmy Long, "The Answer to 21 Years" (Champion 16632, 1933; Champion 45023, 1935)
Ernest Hare, "New Twenty-One Years" (Columbia 2602-D, 1932)
Zora Layman, "The Answer to 21 Years" (Banner 32722/Melotone M-12651, 1933)
Blue Ridge Mountain Girls, "Woman's Answer to 21 Years" (Champion 16715, 1933; Champion 45100, 1935; Montgomery Ward M-4934, 1936)

cf. "Twenty-One Years" [Laws E16] (tune)
File: Morr030B

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