Green Peas, Mutton Pies

DESCRIPTION: "Green peas, mutton pies, Tell me where my Jeannie lies, And I'll be with her ere she rise, And cudle her to my bosom." "I love Jeannie over and over, I love Jeannie among the clover; I love Jeannie and Jeannie loves me; That's the lass that I'll go wi."
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: c.1875 (reported in 1929 in _Buchan Observer_, according to Opie-Game)
KEYWORDS: food courting
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland)
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Opie-Game 81, "Green Peas, Mutton Pies" (3 texts, 1 tune)
Montgomerie-ScottishNR 77, "(Green Peas, Mutton Pies)" (1 short text)

Roud #13204
NOTES: Opie-Game points out that the usual first lines, "Green peas, mutton pies, Tell me where my mother/truelove lies, I'll be there before she dies" is a parody of "Greensleeves." Specifically, "Green sleeves and pudden-pyes, Come tell me where my true love lyes, And I'll be wi' her ere she rise" (see Hans Hecht, editor, Songs From David Herd's Manuscripts (Edinburgh, 1904), #57 pp. 177,305, "Green Sleeves" [Not yet indexed as Hecht-Herd 57]). - BS
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File: MNSR077

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