Eagle With Her Gallant Crew, The

DESCRIPTION: In May the Eagle sails to Greenland to "chase the bear and walrus and for capturing of the whales." "I hope in health with wealth and prosperity they will return once more To their parents, wives, and loved ones on the Terra Nova shore"
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: home parting return commerce hunting sea ship work nonballad animal whale sailor
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
Roud #30149
Mr. Powers, "The Eagle With Her Gallant Crew" (on MUNFLA-Leach)
NOTES [86 words]: This is probably not about the Eagle (II) that was the very last of Newfoundland's sealing steamers, which is discussed in "The Ice-Floes" and "The Last of the Wooden Walls"; that ship was built too late to do much whaling service in the north. I suspect that it was instead the first Eagle, which was also a sealing steamer; she joined the Newfoundland fleet in 1871 (Ryan, p. 150) and lasted until 1893 (Chafe, p. 99). I don't know how successful she was as a whaler, but at least she had a chance to try. - RBW
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