I'm a Young Man from the Country

DESCRIPTION: "I'm a young man from the country... I'm a free and easy fellow, I need not tell my name. Oh, wouldn't you like to know me?" Town people try to trick him, but he knows his cab fares and all the tricks, and avoids the traps
AUTHOR: unknown (see NOTES)
EARLIEST DATE: 1862 (Charles John Martin, "Locals," according to Bailey/Roth-NZ)
KEYWORDS: travel trick
FOUND IN: US(Ap) Britain(England(South)) New Zealand
REFERENCES (5 citations):
Palmer-ECS, #110, "I'm a Young Man from the Country" (1 text, 1 tune)
MHenry-Appalachians, p. 253, "I'm A Young Man from the Country" (1 text)
Bailey/Roth-NZ, pp. 28-30, "The New Chum" (1 text, 1 tune)
Colquhoun-NZ, p. 15, "I'm a Young Man" (1 text, 1 tune)
GarlandFaces-NZ, p. 61, 238, "(I'm a Young Man Just from England") (1 text plus an excerpt); also p. 294, "(I'm a boy from Ohingaiti)" (1 text, a modified "rugby version" of 1893)

Roud #1510
NOTES [77 words]: Bailey/Roth-NZ, Colquhoun-NZ, and GarlandFaces-NZ attribute this to Charles John Martin, who published a New Zealand version in 1862. But what is clearly a version of the same piece, without the localization, was published in Beadle's Dime Song Book #10, which can't be too much later. It has no attribution, but is clearly related to the American versions. Presumably there is an ancestor to all the versions somewhere; it might be worth an investigation. - RBW
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