Jimmy Sago, Jackeroo

DESCRIPTION: "If you want a situation and you'd like to know the plan To get on a station... Pack up the old portmanteau and label it Paroo, with a name that's aristocratic -- Jimmy Sago, Jackeroo." The song details how the "aristocratic" name can bring benefits
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1905 (Paterson, _Old Bush Songs_)
KEYWORDS: Australia work animal
FOUND IN: Australia
REFERENCES (5 citations):
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ADDITIONAL: Bill Wannan, _The Australians: Yarns, ballads and legends of the Australian tradition_, 1954 (page references are to the 1988 Penguin edition), pp. 189-190, "Jimmy Sago, Jackeroo" (1 text)
Bill Beatty, _A Treasury of Australian Folk Tales & Traditions_, 1960 (I use the 1969 Walkabout Paperbacks edition), pp. 281-282, "Jimmy Sago, Jackeroo" (1 text)

Roud #8394
cf. "The Wearing of the Green" (tune, according to Wannan)
NOTES [99 words]: According to Patterson/Fahey/Seal, a Jackaroo was a young man working on a station to gain experience -- in effect, an apprentice. Naturally he was teased and held in low esteem.
The spelling is uncertain (Jackaroo/Jackeroo), as is the origin; Andrew and Nancy Learmonth Encyclopedia of Australia2nd edition, Warne & Co, 1973, article on "Jackeroo" (their spelling) says that the "origin is uncertain, most probably a coined Aus.-ouning word based on a 'Jacky Raw', but an Aboriginal origin is also claimed." It adds that a female parallel, "Jillaroo," dates from the twentieth century. - RBW
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