Kelly Song (Farewell Dan and Edward Kelly)

DESCRIPTION: Fragment of a ballad about the Kelly gang: "Farewell Dan and Edward Kelly, Farewell Hart and Steve Byrne too, With the poor your memory liveth; Those who blame you are but few."
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: outlaw Australia
1855 - Birth of Ned Kelly
1880 - Execution of Kelly. His last words are reported to have been "Such is life."
FOUND IN: Australia
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Meredith/Anderson, p. 28, "Kelly Song" (1 text, 1 tune)
Paterson/Fahey/Seal, pp. 93-94, "(Farewell Dan and Edward Kelly" (1 text, apparently collected as a sort of appendix to "My Name is Edward Kelly")

cf. "Kelly Was Their Captain" (subject) and notes and references there
NOTES: Edward "Ned" Kelly and his gang are perhaps the most famous of all Australian bushrangers. For some anecdotes of his life, in addition to the cross-referenced songs, see the notes to "Kelly Was Their Captain." - RBW

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