Train That Will Never Be Found, The

DESCRIPTION: "Remember the Church Hill Tunnel, Near a mile under Richmond." One bleak autumn afternoon, a train and crew are in the tunnel when it collapses. Many try to dig them out, but "Brothers keep shovelin' For the train that's never been found."
AUTHOR: Llewellyn Lewis & Billy Pierce (source: Lyle)
EARLIEST DATE: 1991 (Lyle)
KEYWORDS: train disaster death
Oct 2, 1925 -- Collapse of the Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond, VA. The tunnel was under repair at the time, and a train in the tunnel; men from both train and repair crew were lost. The tunnel, which had a bad safety record, was closed after the collapse, and the train and some bodies were left in it
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Lyle-Scalded, pp. 116-124, "The Train That Will Never Be Found" (1 text, in a chapter titled "The Church Hill Tunnel Disaster")
Roud #14024
File: LySc116

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