Jealous Husband Outwitted, The

DESCRIPTION: A (hosier) from Leicester has "a handsome witty wife," but he does not trust her, and threatens to set her aside. She disguises herself as the devil, and with the help of two boys, frightens him so much that he never dares mistreat her again
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: husband wife trick disguise Devil
FOUND IN: Britain(England)
REFERENCES (2 citations):
Logan, pp. 385-387, "The Jealous Husband Outwitted" (1 text)

ST Log385 (Partial)
cf. "Kate and Her Horns" [Laws N22] (plot)
cf. "The Lawyer and Nell" (plot)
NOTES: The Digital Tradition editors consider this to be a version of Laws N22, "Kate and Her Horns." There is the obvious similarity that both involve the woman disguising herself as the Devil. However, the motivation (in "Kate," the woman is betrayed BEFORE marriage), method, and ending all differ. This song may have been inspired by Laws N22 (or vice versa), but they are not the same. - RBW
File: Log385

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