Whoa Mule (The Kickin' Mule)

DESCRIPTION: The singer describes courting and the dangers of a kicking mule which "kicked the feathers off a goose," etc. The stubborn mule Simon Slick is often mentioned. The chorus will generally contain the instruction "Whoa, mule."
AUTHOR: Copyrighted in 1918 by Henry Creamer & Turner Layton, but they may have adapted a traditional African-American piece
EARLIEST DATE: 1918 (copyrighted by Creamer & Layton)
KEYWORDS: animal courting talltale humorous
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cf. "Going Down to Cairo" (words)
cf. "Whoa Mule Whoa" (subject: mule behavior)
Recording: Bill Cox, "Go Long Mule (Parody)," (Supertone 9540, 1929)
NOTES [98 words]: Every version of this I've heard sung uses the Lomax chorus, "Whoa, mule, I tell you, Miss Liza, you keep cool; I ain't got time to kiss you now; I'm busy with my mule." It doesn't seem to show up much in tradition, though (it is found in the Brown text in a slightly different form). - RBW
Trying to sort out "Whoa, Mule," "Johnson's Old Grey Mule," and related songs is Excedrin Headache #1927. We've lumped them for want of a better solution.
This shouldn't be confused with a fiddle piece, "The Kickin' Mule," made popular by Fiddlin' John Carson; that one has a different tune. - PJS"
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