Irish Wake, The [Laws Q18]

DESCRIPTION: Pat Malone, being "pressed for ready cash," decides to fake death to collect his life insurance. All goes well until the wake and funeral; he thinks they cost too much. At last, shortly before he is buried, realizing the consequences, he gives up the sham
AUTHOR: probably, per Levy song sheet, Words: Harry C. Clide / Music: Jas. J. Sweeney
EARLIEST DATE: 1893(Levy song sheet is from 1895)
KEYWORDS: death funeral trick
FOUND IN: US(MA,MW,Ro,So) Canada(Newf)
REFERENCES (9 citations):
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cf. "Finnegan's Wake" [Laws Q17]
cf. "The Humble Beggar" (theme of a dead man leaving his coffin)
NOTES [69 words]: Laws lists this among the ballads of British origin, but cites no references. Cohen speculates that it is actually an American stage song. Given that it's been collected only on this side of the water (as best I can tell, and the Roud list supports this), I strongly suspect Cohen is right. - RBW
Bennett-Downey has the Levy song sheet and notes that Downey's version is subtly different but clearly the same song. - BS
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