Devilish Mary [Laws Q4]

DESCRIPTION: The singer meets a "pretty little girl" named Mary; they get married within days. She then starts taking over his life, wearing his pants, and abuses and torments him. At last he leaves. He vows to court only tall/short girls who can't wear his breeches
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: courting marriage cross-dressing abuse shrewishness
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cf. "Yankee Doodle" (tune)
cf. "The Wearing of the Britches" (subject, lyrics)
cf. "I Am an Old Bachelor (The Sorrow of Marriage)" (theme: wife dominating husband)
cf. "Old Carathee" (theme)
cf. "There's Bound to be a Row" (theme)
cf. "I'll Rise When the Rooster Crows" (floating lyrics)
NOTES [50 words]: Cohen notes that "Laws... lists this as a ballad, but just as often it is performed as a fiddle or banjo tune with occasional lyrics." Cohen also notes that Laws's claim of a British Isles origin is unsubstantiated. The collection data confirm this, and the style is, in my opinion, very un-British. - RBW
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