Girl Volunteer, The (The Cruel War Is Raging) [Laws O33]

DESCRIPTION: (Johnny) has been ordered off to war. His sweetheart begs to go with him. He refuses her; military service would fade her beauty. She offers to buy his release; this too fails. (In some versions Johnny relents and allows her to come.)
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1914 (Brown)
KEYWORDS: war soldier separation love cross-dressing
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cf. "The Manchester Angel"
cf. "Jack Monroe" [Laws N7]
cf. "William and Nancy (I) (Lisbon; Men's Clothing I'll Put On I)" [Laws N8]
cf. "The Banks of the Nile (Men's Clothing I'll Put On II)" [Laws N9]
cf. "High Germany (I)"
cf. "Oh! No, No" (theme: sweetheart tries to convince soldier to let her accompany him)
The Panther Pack is Prowling (RECORDING, Chip Dockery, in "Panther Pack Medley" on InCountry)
The Cruel War
NOTES [50 words]: The Combs version of this song contains a reference to Pensacola -- the port from which many American troops set out for Cuba during the Spanish-American war (1898). The song is surely much older than that, however, although diligent searching has failed to turn up a version from before the 1910s. - RBW
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