Seaman and His Love, A (The Welcome Sailor) [Laws N29]

DESCRIPTION: The singer hears a girl wailing for her love, gone these seven years at sea. He offers a token from her love, saying he is dead and she should marry whoever carries it. She says she will mourn forever. The stranger reveals himself as her missing love
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1620 (Stationer's Register -- apparently)
KEYWORDS: love separation brokentoken
FOUND IN: Britain(England(South)) US(MW) Ireland Canada(Mar,Newf)
REFERENCES (12 citations):
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cf. "John (George) Riley (I)" [Laws N36] and references there, especially N34
"I Am So Deep In Love" or "Through the Cool Shady Woods" (per broadsides Bodleian Douce Ballads 2(236a), Bodleian Wood E 25(153), Bodleian Douce Ballads 2(237b))
NOTES [150 words]: Bodleian Douce Ballads 2(236a) broadside seems to be the version cited above for Grigson-PenguinBookOfBallads 77; the theme and some lines match Creighton-MaritimeFolkSongs but, as the comment for Grigson-PenguinBookOfBallads 77 notes, there are a lot of additional frills. [There is also a pretty elaborate version in the Roxburghe Ballads - RBW.]
The ballad is recorded on one of the CD's issued around the time of the bicentenial of the 1798 Irish Rebellion. See:
Franke Harte and Donal Lunny, "The Love Token" (on Franke Harte and Donal Lunny, "My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte," Hummingbird Records HBCD0027 (2001)) - BS
Of the later Bodleian broadsides, "The Welcome Sailor," all but Harding B 25(2025) have the anomalous line "soon as these words ["I'll wed no stranger"] she spoke her love grew stronger"; Harding B 25(2025) has "his love grew stronger" which agreees with the older broadsides. - BS
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File: LN29

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