Kate and Her Horns [Laws N22]

DESCRIPTION: Kate's intended husband suddenly jilts her for a rich girl. Kate obtains a cow's hide and horns, and meets her lover disguised as the devil. This "devil" threatens him if he does not return to Kate. He does; she reveals the truth as their child is born
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1856 (Thompson-Pioneer); a broadside exists from c. 1690)
KEYWORDS: courting trick marriage Devil childbirth
FOUND IN: US(Ap,MA,MW,NE,Ro,So) Canada(Mar)
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cf. "The Jealous Husband Outwitted" (plot)
cf. "The Lawyer and Nell" (plot)
cf. "Maurice Kelly" (gimmick)
The Jealous Lover or The Languishing Swain [per Ebsworth's broadside]
File: LN22

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