Maid on the Shore, The (The Fair Maid by the Sea Shore; The Sea Captain) [Laws K27]

DESCRIPTION: The captain sees a pretty girl on the shore, and vigorously entreats her to come aboard. At last she does, but then sings captain and sailors to sleep. She robs captain and sailors, then rows back to shore -- using the captain's sword for an oar!
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1828 (Lyle-Andrew-CrawfurdsCollectionVolume2)
KEYWORDS: courting seduction trick escape robbery magic shore feminist
FOUND IN: US(MA,MW,NE,NW,Ro,So,SW) Canada(Mar,Newf) Ireland
REFERENCES (23 citations):
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Roud #181
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cf. "The Broomfield Hill" [Child 43] (plot) and references there
cf. "Drimindown" (tune)
File: LK27

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