Stagolee (Stackerlee) [Laws I15]

DESCRIPTION: Stagolee and Billy Lyons are playing cards; Lyons wins the hand and the stakes. An angry Stagolee shoots Lyons, is arrested, sentenced, and hanged. The various versions of the ballad expand on different parts of the story
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: homicide gambling prison execution
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NOTES [251 words]: On Dec. 29, 1895, William Lyons (levee hand) and Lee Sheldon (coach driver, nicknamed "Stag" Lee) were drinking together at a tavern in St. Louis, Missouri. A political discussion began; in the heat of the argument Lyons knocked off Sheldon's hat, and Sheldon promptly pulled a pistol and shot him dead. He was arrested and tried; the first trial ended in a hung jury, but he was convicted in a second trial and served time in prison, dying in 1916.
A St. Louis judge who has researched the case suggests that Sheldon had received a spell from a hoodoo woman giving him exceptional sexual potency. The talisman for that spell was his hat, so knocking it from his head was no ordinary insult.
It is noteworthy that the first recordings of this ballad (Waring, Westphal, Wiedoeft) are by popular dance bands, not blues or hillbilly artists. - PJS
Carl Sandburg, incidentally, enjoyed this song so much that he occasionally signed letters "Stackerlee"; see Herbert Mitgang, editor, The Letters of Carl Sandburg, Harcort Brace & World, 1968, p. 230. - RBW
From David Evans's liner notes to USMississippi01} "Maudie Shirley sings a version of a traditional ballad, 'Stackalee and Billy Lyons,' that originated in the late nineteenth century but her performance is influenced by one of several versions recorded in more recent years by Archibald (1950), Lloyd Price (1958), or Wilson Pickett (1967), all of them hits on the R&B charts." The Maudie Shirley vocal follows the Lloyd Price/Wilson Pickett version. - BS
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