Dying Hobo, The [Laws H3]

DESCRIPTION: An old hobo lies dying as winter approaches. He speaks of the "better land... where handouts grow on bushes" that he is destined for, sends a message to his girlfriend, and dies. His partner "swiped his (coat and hat) and caught an eastbound train"
AUTHOR: unknown (attributed to John Kern in the 1912 Railroad Trainman)
EARLIEST DATE: 1912 (The Railroad Trainman)
KEYWORDS: railroading train death friend robbery
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cf. "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" (lyrics)
cf. "The Hobo's Last Ride" (plot)
cf. "Beside the Brewery at St. Mihiel" (lyrics, theme)
NOTES [40 words]: Several sources list this as a parody of "Bingen on the Rhine." Laws, however, does not mention the connection; perhaps he knew versions with different tunes?
Thanks to Jim Dixon for pointing out the version in The Railroad Trainman. - JD, RBW
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