Benjamin Deane [Laws F32]

DESCRIPTION: Benjamin Deane, the singer, is successful in business but wants more. He turns to criminal activities on the side. When his wife leaves him, he shoots her in a jealous rage. Now he is in prison, warning others against his sort of behavior
AUTHOR: probably Joe Scott
EARLIEST DATE: 1934 (Eckstorm collection, according to Ives-Scott)
KEYWORDS: homicide jealousy prison
1898 - Benjamin F. Deane (born in New Brunswick in 1854) murders his wife in Berlin Falls, New Hampshire. Tried and convicted, he spent less than ten years in prison
FOUND IN: US(MA,NE) Canada(Mar)
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Roud #2271
NOTES [57 words]: Sandy Ives says "there need be no question that Joe Scott [Joseph W. Scott] wrote BENJAMIN DEANE" (internet correspondence, based on Ives's article in JAF 72, 1959). But Laws, though he quotes this information, does so in such a way as to imply he still has doubts. - RBW
Ives-DullCare and Ives-PEI are the same August 19, 1958 performance. - BS
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