McAfee's Confession [Laws F13]

DESCRIPTION: McAfee, the singer, is raised by an uncle after being orphaned. As a youth he runs away and turns wild. Married to a good woman, he has an affair with Hettie Stout and murders his wife by giving her poison instead of medicine. He is condemned to die
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1868 (Musick-Larkin)
KEYWORDS: homicide orphan adultery execution
Mar 28, 1825 - Hanging of John McAfee
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Roud #449
NOTES [45 words]: Laws lists this as a native American ballad, but there is British influence; Pound notes that her text concludes with a wish by McFee that he had "ten thousand pounds" to bring her back to life. This may be a moralizing addition, but clearly from a British source. - RBW
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