Sam Bass [Laws E4]

DESCRIPTION: Sam Bass, a cowpuncher and at first a kind-hearted fellow, turns to train robbery. Betrayed by an acquaintance named Jim Murphy, he is killed by a Texas Ranger
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1888 (Thorp)
KEYWORDS: cowboy death betrayal
1878 - Death of Sam Bass near Round Rock, Texas
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cf. "Way Out in Idaho (I)" (tune)
NOTES [61 words]: Report has it that Bass had his shootout with the police on July 20, 1878; he was captured the next day and died the day after. That July 22 is said to have been his 27th birthday.
This song has been attributed (e.g. by Thorpe) to a John Denton of Gainesville, Texas, and supposedly written in 1879, but most scholars think that multiple hands have been involved. - RBW
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