Guy Reed [Laws C9]

DESCRIPTION: Guy Reed is trying to break up a log jam when he is drowned. His funeral is given a full description; he is buried in his family plot
AUTHOR: Joe Scott (a friend of Reed's)
EARLIEST DATE: 1916 (Gray-SongsAndBalladsOfTheMaineLumberjacks)
KEYWORDS: logger death drowning
Sept 9, 1897 - Death of Guy Reed of West Byron, Maine
FOUND IN: US(NE) Canada(Mar)
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Roud #1968
cf. "Little Nell of Naragansett Bay" (tune; cf. Ives-Joe-Scott-TheWoodsmanSongmaker, pp. 160-162)
NOTES [47 words]: Ives-DriveDullCareAway-PrinceEdwardIsland: The singer says he bought a printed copy from Joe Scott in or before 1912.
The site of the log jam is the Androscoggin River in Maine. In Manny/Wilson-SongsOfMiramichi it is corrupted to "Andrew Grogan," which explains the alternate title. - BS
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