Strawberry Roan, The [Laws B18]

DESCRIPTION: An unemployed cowboy is offered the chance of a job if he can ride the strawberry roan. Confident of his skill, he mounts the horse -- to be thrown within seconds. He concludes the horse is unridable.
AUTHOR: Words: almost certainly Curley Fletcher (1892-1954)
EARLIEST DATE: 1915 (published by Fletcher in the Globe, AZ Record as "The Outlaw Broncho"); the standard version derives from "Rhymes of the Roundup," published 1917
KEYWORDS: horse cowboy injury unemployment
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cf. "While Hanging Around Town" (tune & meter)
cf. "The Wild Buckaroo" (tune & meter)
cf. "No Balls at All" (tune, in some versions)
cf. "Wild Rover No More" (tune, in some versions)
cf. "The Zebra Dun" (theme of the un-ridable horse) and references there
cf. "The Castration of the Strawberry Roan" (tune, character of the Roan)
Castration of the Strawberry Roan (File: Logs013)
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Ridge Runnin' Roan (Tex Fletcher, "Ridge Runnin' Roan" (Decca 5302, 1936))
Tchepone (RECORDING, Toby Hughes, Chip Dockery & Robin Thomas, on InCountry)
The Outlaw Broncho
NOTES [274 words]: Powder River Jack Lee claimed that Frank R. Chamberlain wrote the words to this song in 1894. No other evidence of this has been offered, however, and every known version seems to go back to Fletcher.
A number of "sequels" to "Strawberry Roan" have been written, including the two by Wilf Carter cited by Ohrlin. Austin E. Fife published an article on the subject, "The Strawberry Roan and His Progeny," in the John Edwards Memorial Quarterly.
For more on the offspring of this song, see the notes to "The Castration of the Strawberry Roan." - RBW
I think it's been fairly well established, despite Powder River Jack, that Fletcher wrote the words, probably in 1914. To quote Logsdon, "It was being sung by many people and Fletcher got no credit or money. So he collaborated with two Hollywood song writers, Nat Vincent and Fred Howard, to publish it as sheet music. When it came off the press they had made changes and added a chorus. Fletcher was furious and demanded that they print his original poem on the inside back cover for those who wanted to sing it the right way (and he wrote a bawdy version.)" The chorus they wrote, "Oh, that strawberry roan," has become part of most versions collected from tradition. - PJS
This general story is also confirmed by White, who notes other places where Fletcher published the poem his way. He doesn't seem to have been bothered as much by the fact that it became a song. - RBW
A soldier serving in Viet Nam wrote "Tchepone" about an "easy" bombing run that turns into a nightmare, to this tune. It was recorded on the CD "In Country: Folk Songs of Americans in the Viet Nam War," not yet indexed. -PJS
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