Boggy Creek or The Hills of Mexico [Laws B10b]

DESCRIPTION: A group of cowboys is hired for an expedition away from home. Mistreated by their boss, they eventually rebel (and kill him)
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: cowboy revenge boss
REFERENCES (8 citations):
Laws B10b, "Boggy Creek or The Hills of Mexico"
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DT 377, (ARIZONIO* -- clearly a member of this family of songs, and closer to this than Laws B10a or C17, although it perhaps should be classified as a separate piece)

Roud #634
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cf. "The Buffalo Skinners" [Laws B10a]
cf. "Shanty Teamster's Marseillaise" (plot)
cf. "Canaday-I-O, Michigan-I-O, Colley's Run I-O" [Laws C17]
File: LB10B

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