Hunters of Kentucky, The [Laws A25]

DESCRIPTION: The hunters of Kentucky are praised and offered as a specimen based on their performance at the Battle of New Orleans
AUTHOR: Samuel Woodworth
EARLIEST DATE: 1822 (first published 1824 by T. Birch, according to Dichter/Shapiro, p. 32)
KEYWORDS: war patriotic bragging
Jan 8, 1815 - Battle of New Orleans. Although a peace had already been signed, word had not yet reached Louisiana, which Pakenham sought to invade. Andrew Jackson's backwoodsmen easily repulsed Pakenham's force; the British commander is killed in the battle.
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cf. "The Battle of New Orleans" [Laws A7] (subject)
cf. "Pakenham" (floating lyrics)
cf. "Unfortunate Miss Bailey" (tune)
NOTES [147 words]: Samuel Woodworth's only other noteworthy composition was "The Old Oaken Bucket." His novels and plays are mercifully forgotten.
For a Creole account of this battle, see Courlander-NFM, pp. 167-168 (an untitled piece which appears to be about the Battle of New Orleans).
For the general background of the final campaigns of the War of 1812, see the notes on "The Siege of Plattsburg." For the Battle of New Orleans itself, see The Battle of New Orleans" [Laws A7].
It should probably be noted that the Kentucky and Tennessee militia weren't all that great in themselves; in a series of Indian engagements in 1814, they showed a disastrous tendency to fall apart. Some of them, in fact, were routed at New Orleans -- only to be saved when general Pakenham refused to take advantage of the opening. But Andrew Jackson executed some of the deserters, and managed to tighten discipline. - RBW
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