Revolutionary Tea [Laws A24]

DESCRIPTION: Mother Britain is angry that her daughter America will not pay the tea-tax. The mother sends the daughter a great deal of tea and demands she pay the tax (on pain of a beating); the daughter dumps the tea into the ocean
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1889 (Kemp's Old Folks Concert Tunes, according to Cohen)
KEYWORDS: political rebellion commerce money patriotic
Dec. 16, 1773 - Boston Tea Party. Americans protest the British tax on tea by dumping a shipload into Boston Harbor
FOUND IN: Canada(Ont) US(Ap,MW,SE)
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Roud #1934
cf. "Old Granny Wales (Granny O'Whale, Granua Weal)" (subject: The Tea Tax)
The Old Lady Over the Sea
NOTES [22 words]: For background on the Tea Tax, see the notes to "Old Granny Wales (Granny O'Whale, Granua Weal)"; also "Taxation of America." - RBW
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