Colonel Sharp

DESCRIPTION: A girl tells her lover that she was seduced by Colonel Sharp. Both are humiliated; they agree Sharp must die. They pursue the colonel; the man kills Sharp. He is taken and condemned to die. The two kill themselves
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: homicide seduction suicide punishment
1824 - Murder of Colonel Sharp
REFERENCES (3 citations):
Leach, pp. 790-792, "Colonel Sharp" (1 text)
Cohen-AFS1, pp. 247-248, "Colonel Sharp" (1 text)
ADDITIONAL: _Sing Out_ magazine, Volume 38, #2 (1993), p, 33, "The Murder of Colonel Sharp" (1 text, 1 tune, the Douglas Wallin version)

Roud #4110
Doug Wallin, "The Murder of Col. Sharp" (on FarMtns3)
NOTES [110 words]: This song is item dF38 in Laws's Appendix II.
Leach reports that this ballad is factually accurate except that the two lovers attempted suicide by poison rather than with a knife, and that the young man lived to be hung.
The Sing Out! article adds information from the 1915 JAFL account, It says that the girl was Ann Cook and her fiancee was Jeroboam Beauchamp. Cook agreed to marry Beauchamp on the condition that he kill Sharp. They were married, and then Beauchamp set out to eliminate Sharp. According to that account, "He and his wife both tried to commit suicide by drinking poison and the wife died an hour after her husband had been executed." - RBW
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