Amalgamate as One

DESCRIPTION: "Labor unions should all be united And prove to the world they are one, They could get living wages without trouble, Let us show that it can be done." Hearers are urged to treat all union members as their brothers. They should avoid divisions
AUTHOR: Billy Jenkins (source: Korson-PennsylvaniaSongsAndLegends)
EARLIEST DATE: 1894 (year of writing, according to Korson-PennsylvaniaSongsAndLegends); collected (from the author?) in 1947
KEYWORDS: labor-movement nonballad
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Korson-PennsylvaniaSongsAndLegends, pp. 449-451, "Amalgamate as One)
Roud #7743
File: KPL448

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