At Paddy Mayock's Ball

DESCRIPTION: "Last Thursday night with heart so light just as the clock struck nine" people meet for Paddy Mayock's wild Irish party. It'a so boisterous that several are injured; the coroner rules they "committed suicide in self-defense at Paddy Mayock's ball"
AUTHOR: Robert J. Quigley (source: Korson-MinstrelsOfTheMinePatch)
EARLIEST DATE: 1936 (Wilkes-Barre Sunday Independent, according to Korson-MinstrelsOfTheMinePatch; reportedly written 1886)
KEYWORDS: party humorous injury
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Korson-MinstrelsOfTheMinePatch, pp. 64-66, "At Paddy Mayock's Ball" (1 text)
File: KMMP065

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