My Father Had an Acre of Land

DESCRIPTION: "My father had an acre of land, Hey ho, sing ivy, My father had an acre of land, With a bunch of green holly and ivy." He farmed it in impossible ways: "plowed it with a team of rats," "rolled it with a rolling pin," "thrashed it with a hazel twig"
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: farming nonsense paradox
FOUND IN: Britain(England(All))
REFERENCES (11 citations):
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Roud #21093
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cf. "The Elfin Knight" [Child 2] (theme)
The Team of Rats
Sing Ivy
Sing Ovy, Sing Ivy
NOTES [62 words]: This song is sometimes listed as a variant of "The Elfin Knight" [Child 2], and in fact they share many ideas and some lyrics. However, the crucial element of "The Elfin Knight" is the dialog, whereas this is a song of impossible deeds. The should be kept separate.
For the juxtaposition, and possible rivalry, of holly and ivy, see the notes to "The Holly and the Ivy." - RBW
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File: K300

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