Barnyards o' Delgaty, The

DESCRIPTION: The young man comes to Turra Market to seek work. A wealthy farmer promises him good conditions at Delgaty. The promises prove false; the horses are poor and lazy, and the working conditions bad. The man boasts of his abilities and cheerfully departs
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1904 (Greig/Duncan3)
KEYWORDS: work hardtimes abuse farming
FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Aber))
REFERENCES (8 citations):
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cf. "Linton Lowrie" (tune)
cf. "Darahill" (tune)
cf. "Rhynie" (tune, chorus, theme)
Darahill (File: Ord276)
Linton Lowrie (File: HHH640)
Jock o' Rhynie
The Barnyards
Liltin Addie
Buchan Prodigal
NOTES [54 words]: Greig/Duncan3 has a map on p. xxxv, of "places mentioned in songs in volume 3" showing the song number as well as place name; Barnyards of Delgaty (347) is at coordinate (h5,v7-8) on that map [roughly 32 miles NNW of Aberdeen]; Turriff (347,386,682) is at coordinate (h5,v7) on that map [roughly 31 miles NNW of Aberdeen] - BS
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