Factory Girl (I), The

DESCRIPTION: The singer sees a beautiful girl, an orphan who works in a factory (linen mill). He courts her, but she must leave to go to work. He offers to marry her. She again rejects him. She eventually marries well -- perhaps to the singer, perhaps to a squire
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1906 (Gardiner)
KEYWORDS: love courting beauty marriage money orphan factory technology
FOUND IN: Ireland Britain(England(South))
REFERENCES (10 citations):
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ADDITIONAL: Richard Hayward, Ireland Calling (Glasgow,n.d.), p. 7, "The Factory Girl" (text, music and reference to Decca F-3125 recorded Aug 12, 1932)

Roud #1659
Margaret Barry, "The Factory Girl" (on IRMBarry-Fairs)
Bill Cassidy, "The Factory Girl" (on IRTravellers01)
Sarah Makem, "The Factory Girl" (on Voice10)

NOTES [60 words]: OCroinin-Cronin does not end so well for the suitor. The factory girl tells him to "go marry a lady" and leaves him to wander "in some deep valley, where no one shall no me, I'll mourn for the sake of my factory-maid."
The date and master id (GB-4733-1) for Hayward's record is provided by Bill Dean-Myatt, MPhil. compiler of the Scottish National Discography. - BS
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