DESCRIPTION: "An old women went out to the barn Some eggs for to hunt... A mouse ran up her cunt.." She runs to her husband, begging him to turn it around so it doesn't gnaw its way out. The husband has intercourse with her until the mouse runs out her sleeve
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1938 (collected from Barney McCarthy by Lomax)
KEYWORDS: sex humorous animal clothes
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: James P. Leary and Richard March, "Farm, Forest, and Factory: Songs of Midwestern Labor," published in Archie Green, editor, _Songs about Work: Essays in Occupational Culture for Richard A. Reuss_, Indiana University, 1993, pp. 256-257, "Titter-ry-an" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #2194
NOTES [53 words]: Roud, based on the title, lumps the Lomax recording of Barney McCarthy with "Tittery Nan" [Laws H16]. It is evident from the text printed by Leary and March, however, that they are in fact separate songs -- though I would allow a slight possibility that "Tittery Nan" is a thoroughly bowdlerized rewrite of this song. - RBW
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