Good Old Dollar Bill, the

DESCRIPTION: "They are telling of old Glory Now in pictures songs and stories.... Sing the praises of Old Glory, But I've been through the mill And a real star spangled banner Is a good old dollar bill." The singer tells how money produces popularity
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: before 1950 (article "The Wanigan Song Book" by Isabel J. Ebert)
KEYWORDS: money nonballad America
REFERENCES (1 citation):
ADDITIONAL: James P. Leary, Compiler and Annotator, _Wisconsin Folklore_ University of Wisconsin Press, 2009, article "The Wanigan Songbook" by Isabel J. Ebert, p. 217, "The Good Old Dollar Bill" (1 text, sung by Emory DeNoyer)
Roud #30389
NOTES [82 words]: I originally wrote of this piece, "Emory DeNoyer, who sang this song, was blind and had a maimed left arm. He cannot have had much money. I rather suspect he wrote this. But Isabel Ebert, who collected it from him, did not say so. We will never know. Nor will we know the tune; it appears the song never went into tradition, and DeNoyer's melody was not recorded." It turns out this is not true; another version seems to have been found in New York. But the song is clearly quite rare. - RBW
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