Face on the Barroom Floor, The

DESCRIPTION: A drunk enters a bar; he tells his story in exchange for drink. He was a painter, but his girlfriend saw a portrait he was painting, and took up with the fellow, then died. The singer turned to drink; he offers to draw her face on the floor, and dies
AUTHOR: Hugh Antoine D'Arcy (1843?-1925?)
EARLIEST DATE: 1887 (New York Dispatch, according to Gardner)
KEYWORDS: drink abandonment death love
REFERENCES (5 citations):
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ST JHJ021 (Partial)
Roud #9123
Harold Selman, "The Face on the Bar Room Floor, pts. 1 & 2" (OKeh 45249, 1928)
NOTES [67 words]: Originally titled "The Face Upon the Floor," this qualifies as a folk song only in the sense that certain sorts of people are very fond of quoting it. It has been widely published; Granger's Index to Poetry lists nine citations. Those with strong enough stomach to want to see other works by D'Arcy may consult his collection The Face Upon the Floor and Other Ballads, William G. Hewitt, 1912. - RBW
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