Glorious Wedding, A

DESCRIPTION: "I will sing you a song of a comical style... It's all about a wedding, a glorious affair; As I was the bridegroom, I happened to be there." The singer reports all the wild events at the wedding, and all the peculiar guests who were present
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: marriage humorous wedding drink
REFERENCES (1 citation):
JHCox 182, "A Glorious Wedding" (1 text)
ST JHCox182 (Full)
Roud #5158
cf. "The Blythesome Bridal" (theme)
NOTES: This seems to be sort of an American version of "The Blythesome Bridal" -- not the same song, but the same idea, of a wild party. The wedding is not really part of the plot; it's just the occasion for the party. - RBW
File: JHCox182

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