Push Along, Keep Moving

DESCRIPTION: The singer attempts various enterprises, all ending in failure (e.g. when he opens a "whiskey shop," his wife demands all the drink for herself); after each failure, he sets out on a new adventure. Moral/refrain: "Push along, keep moving"
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1828 (The Theatrical Budget)
KEYWORDS: humorous drink work
FOUND IN: Britain(England) US(Ap)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
JHCox 180, "The Nigger Tune" (1 text)
ST JHCox180 (Full)
Roud #5469
NOTES [52 words]: According to Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.'s The Age of Jackson, p. 4, "the celebrate Buffo singer" George Washington Dixon was making the song "Push-a-Long, Keep Moving" popular at the time of Andrew Jackson's 1829 inauguration; Dixon also sang "The Hunters of Kentucky" and, slightly later, "Old Zip Coon." - RBW
File: JHCox180

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