Bachelor's Lament (II), A

DESCRIPTION: "As I was walking all alone, I heard an old bachelor making his moans: I wonder what the matter can be, Dog them pretty girls won't have me." The bachelor describes those he has courted, the offers he has made, the horses he has ruined -- to no avail
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1905 (Belden)
KEYWORDS: bachelor loneliness courting
REFERENCES (5 citations):
Belden, p. 263, "The Old Bachelor" (1 text)
Arnold, p. 18, "The Old Bachelor" (1 text, 1 tune)
Lomax-Singing, pp. 119-121, "The Bachelor's Lay" (1 text, 1 tune)
JHCox 160, "A Bachelor's Lament" (1 short text)
Brewster 70, "The Old Bachelor" (1 text)

ST JHCox160 (Partial)
Roud #3771
Eugene Jemison, "The Bachelor's Complaint" (on Jem01)
cf. "Bachelor's Hall (II)" (subject, lyrics)
NOTES [104 words]: The texts in Belden and Cox have hardly a word in common, but the themes and forms are so similar that I don't hesitate to lump them. Brewster's text is similar to the one in the description. - RBW
Paul Stamler notes that at least one version ends with the bachelor dying; the singer tells women to put him in the ground, for fear he might come back to life and keep trying to find a wife.- (PJS, RBW)
The Jemison recording includes at least one verse that overlaps Fiddlin' John Carson's version of "Bachelor's Hall." I called that "Bachelor's Hall (II)"; the Jemison recording sounds more like "Bachelor's Hall (I)." - PJS
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File: JHCox160

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