I'm in the Bottom

DESCRIPTION: Improvised cross-cutting song: "In the bottom, Oh Lordy now, wo, I'm in the bottom, Wo Lord." "I'm shovellin' dirt." "I'm gettin' tired." The singer complains about the captain, wishes for water, a doctor, rest; he begs for help from home
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1965 (collected from Johnny Jackson by Bruce Jackson)
KEYWORDS: work hardtimes prison
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Jackson-WakeUpDeadMan, pp. 215-217,"I'm in in the Bottom" (2 texts, 1 tune)
NOTES [82 words]: This is an interesting item: A piece of ephemera which happened to be recorded. Bruce Jackson reports that Johnny Jackson made up the song as he worked while Bruce was there. When Bruce returned, Johnny did not remember what he had done but said he could make up another song if need be. (Given the simplicity of the form, he probably could.)
It makes you wonder how many similar songs have been made up and vanished simply because there was no Bruce Jackson along with recording equipment. - RBW
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File: JDM215

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