Alec's Lament

DESCRIPTION: ".. ye jolly bootleggers and you who handle brew: Beware of Howard Foley." Tignish was a town for fun but with Foley as policeman and Albert Knox as jail-keeper it's no place for a drinker. "I'll have to leave the village and go to some foreign land"
AUTHOR: Alec Shea
EARLIEST DATE: 1982 (Ives-DullCare)
KEYWORDS: prison drink humorous police emigration home
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Ives-DullCare, pp. 217, 241, "Alec's Lament" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #14001
NOTES [42 words]: Ives-DullCare: "The song was written about 1960, and it adds to the fun to know that at that time the Tignish jail was nothing more than a tiny renovated shoemaker's shop."
Tignish is near the north west corner of Prince County, Prince Edward Island. - BS
File: IvDC217

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