In Frisco Bay (A Long Time Ago; Noah's Ark Shanty)

DESCRIPTION: Pulling shanty. "In Frisco Bay there lay three ships, To my way-ay-ay-o. And one of those ships was Noah's Old Ark, A long time ago." Up to 30 verses describing the ship, the animals and the conditions on the ark.
AUTHOR: unknown
KEYWORDS: shanty ship animal
FOUND IN: Britain US
REFERENCES (4 citations):
Sharp-EFC, LIV, p. 59, "In Frisco Bay" (1 text, 1 tune)
Colcord, p. 66-67, "A Long Time Ago" (fragments quoted from Sharp-EFC)
Hugill, pp. 99-100, "A Long Time Ago" (1 text, version "C" of "A Long Time Ago") [AbEd, pp. 90-91]

cf. "A Long Time Ago" (partial chorus)
cf. "Old Uncle Noah" (subject) and references there
The Frisco Ship
NOTES [22 words]: Sometimes listed as a variant of "A Long Time Ago," but this has a distinct and (for a shanty) an unusually coherent story line. - SL
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File: Hugi099

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