Are the Signals All Right

DESCRIPTION: "Welcome, band of true toilers, By the thousands are found On the hundreds of railways." "With a clear shining light, Is your lamp burning bright... Are the signals all right?" The singer has red and green signals ready for the coming of Jesus
AUTHOR: Samuel Peach (source:
EARLIEST DATE: 1952 (High-OldOldFolkSongs); reportedly written 1887
KEYWORDS: religious nonballad railroading
REFERENCES (1 citation):
High-OldOldFolkSongs, p. 5, "No. 69 Are the Signal All Right" (sic.) (1 text)
ST High005 (Partial)
NOTES [29 words]: The reference in the refrain to having oil in your vessels is presumably an allusion to the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins (the ten bridesmaids), Matthew 25:1-13. - RBW
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File: High005

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