Old English Gentleman, The

DESCRIPTION: "I'll sing you a good old song That was made by a good old pate, Of a fine old English gentleman Who had an old estate." He lived comfortably, and he fed the poor in winter. But he died, and now there are no gentlemen, young or old
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1937 (Henderson-VictorianStreetBallads)
KEYWORDS: death food hardtimes
REFERENCES (1 citation):
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cf. "The Fine Ould Irish Gentleman" (lyrics, theme)
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The Fine Old English Labourer (File: PaPa016)
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The Fine Old English Gentleman
NOTES [36 words]: The song "The Fine Ould Irish Gentleman" is clearly intimately related to this one (Roud lumps them), but since one is clearly a rewrite of the other (the Irish song probably being the parody), I keep them separate. - RBW
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File: HenV114

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