Lone Starry Flower, The (The Lone Starry Hours)

DESCRIPTION: "O the lone starry flower, give me love, When still is the beautiful night.... Wake when I touch my guitar. When the rosy dawn comes, "I will wait for a welcome from thee." "And of if that pleasure be mine, live, We will wander together afar."
AUTHOR: Sheet Music Words: Marshall S. Pike / Music: James Power
EARLIEST DATE: 1850 (sheet music, according to Huntington; it appears in the 1849 journal of hte Euphrasia, but it may have been added later)
KEYWORDS: love music nonballad
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Huntington-Gam, pp. 278-279, "The Lone Starry Flower" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #25983
NOTES [37 words]: The Huntington-Gam text is very heavily modified from the Pike/Power version, despite being contemporary with it, but I've used it as the basis of the description because it actually shows signs of being traditional. - RBW
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File: HGam278

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