Orangemen of Cadiz, The

DESCRIPTION: An annual July 12 Orange lodge parade celebrates William's 1690 victory at the Boyne and ends in a fight with Irish Catholics. A politician who opposes Home Rule for Ireland is praised. The Protestant battle cry at the 1688 seige of Derry is recalled.
AUTHOR: unknown
EARLIEST DATE: 1959 (Guigne)
LONG DESCRIPTION: Orangemen, "stand for your friend Johnson" who "gained the day" in Parliament against the Home Rule Bill. July 12, 1872, 4000 Orangemen parading were "attacked by that hellish rival" but "we gained the day." Loyal Lodge 219 is the first in the field to fight "those bloody hounds." "Don't meddle with the Home Rule Bill the Orange rule to stain, Let 'no surrender' be the word Britannia rules the wave." The singer would have us "drink my health among you on the twelfth of July"
KEYWORDS: violence pride Ireland patriotic political
FOUND IN: Canada(Newf)
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Guigne, pp. 291-293, "The Orangemen of Cadiz" (1 text, 1 tune)
Roud #25328
NOTES [319 words]: July 12 is the Gregorian Calendar (adopted in England in 1752) date for celebrating the victory of William II of Orange in the Battle of the Boyne, July 1, 1690.
"Johnson" is apparently William Johnston, an anti-Home Rule M.P. (see note to "William Johnston of Ballykilbeg")
For a note on William of Orange in Ireland see "The Battle of the Boyne" (I).
For notes on the Orange Order see "The Bright Orange Stars of Coleraine," "The Brilliant Light," "The Cromie's Orange Buck," "Dialog Between Orange and Croppy," "The Grand Mystic Order," "The Marksman," "Orange and Blue," "The Purple Boy" and "The Sash My Father Wore" (I).
For notes on July 12 marches and battles between Orangemen and Catholics see "The Battle of the Diamond," "The Battle That Was Fought in the North," "The Boys of Sandy Row" (with a comment on the 1872 riots in Belfast), "The Cavan Buck," "Dolly's Brae" (I) and (III), "The Lamentation of James O'Sullivan," "Lisnagade" and "Owen Rooney's Lamentation."
For notes on March 17 marches and battles between Orangemen and Catholics see "Defence of Crossgar," "The Parish of Inch" and "The Shambles Fight."
For notes on Irish Home Rule see "Advice to Paddy," "Balbriggen Landlord," "Dialog Between Orange and Croppy," "Home Rule for Ireland," "A Loyal Song Against Home Rule," "The Union We'll Maintain," "We Won't Let Our Leader Run Down" and "William Johnston of Ballykilbeg."
"No surrender" is an Orange cry dating to the 1688 Seige of Derry. See the notes to "No Surrender"(I) and "The Shutting of the Gates of Derry."
For another reference to possible conflict between Orangemen and Roman Catholics in Newfoundland see "In Lonely Belvedere."
For other songs of a specific Orange lodge see "Cowcadden's Heroes" (L.O.L. 162) and "The Parish of Inch" (L.O.L. 430).
Not only are there wide-spread Orange songs but individual lodges have their own. This song cites Loyal Orange Lodge 219. - BS
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